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"One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child." Maria Montessori br

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Do your ... hurt? Go Fish for Intermediate Ss
This is a go fish game to practice intermediate body part vocabulary. It uses the plural "Do your..." Full set of cards and instructions included.
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-100
Type: activity-card
Downloads: 59

Routines Half Hour Go Fish
This Go Fish game is for practicing daily routines plus saying the time HALF PAST. Full set of cards and instructions included.
Level: elementary
Age: 7-100
Type: activity-card
Downloads: 135

Tic Tac Toe with Gerunds & Infinitives
Break the students up into pairs or teams (X or O). The student who can make a sentence with the listed verb and accompanied correctly by a gerund or infinitive wins the square. There are four games in total. Have fun.
Level: elementary
Age: 9-100
Type: activity-card
Downloads: 57

Alphabet Match Cards 1/2
This is the first part of Alphabet Match Cards A to Z. One card has the letter and the other has a picture and word with the initial sound ( A is for Apple). These cards were designed to go with Phonics song 2 by KidsTV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BELlZKpi1Zs
Level: elementary
Age: 3-10
Type: activity-card
Downloads: 45

In Summer
My students love this song from "Frozen". I use it to teach weather vocabulary. Listen and fill in the missing words. Key included.
Level: elementary
Age: 7-100
Type: activity-card
Downloads: 48

I Love Bugs
Worksheet for early learners about insects.
Level: elementary
Age: 4-7
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 8

New York Trivia Board Game
I made this board game for my KET Jrs class because we are talking about New York City. It has some "New Yorkese" ("Yo!" "Hizzoner" i.e. the Mayor, etc.) and the questions aren´t too difficult. There is a key included. Have fun!
Level: elementary
Age: 11-17
Type: activity-card
Downloads: 128

Which is Bigger?
Basic Comparison WS for young learners. Read the question and answer using the comparative form. This goes with the powerpoint presentation "Which is Bigger?"
Level: elementary
Age: 7-11
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 21

Regular Past Tense 3
Regular past tense practice for young learners with a Garfield theme.
Level: elementary
Age: 7-12
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 101

Love Potion Number 9 Song for Valentine´s Day
This WS has 3 tasks including pre-listening vocabulary, discussion and listening to the song. There are many versions of this song but I like the one by the Searchers. Key is included.
Level: elementary
Age: 6-100
Type: activity-card
Downloads: 28


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