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2 pages WS. Vocabulary match, there is/ there are, + answer some questions. I´ve uploaded this ws again (B&W version this time) ´cause I know a lot of people couldn´t download anything the day before Victor changed the server (friday). So, if you have already the coloured one you can make it B&W with the Word. There´s no need to download it aga...
Level: elementary
Age: 5-9
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 54

TO BE revision, 3 exercises (affirmative, negative, question in present or past simple). A/AN/THE revision. PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE and PREPOSITIONS OF TIME. I hope you find it useful!
Level: elementary
Age: 6-12
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 53

SPEAKING (ANIMALS) - asking questions: How many / Are there / Is there
speaking activity (asking questions how many, is there, are there, what colour is...). Vocabulary related to animals, numbers and colours. There´s also a Power point with the game.
Level: elementary
Age: 6-10
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 52

Chinese Zodiac
Matching activity (name of the animal - picture / year - your animal). The 2nd & 3rd pages include a reading of the personality of each animal (lots of adjectives used for descriptions). At the end, some pictures of the 12 animals that children can colour.
Level: intermediate
Age: 7-12
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 51

Great activity for young learners. Fruits vocabulary: APPLE, ORANGE, BANANA, CHERRIES, PEAR, PINEAPPLE.... They can colour the fruits and then play the game. I hope you like it!
Level: elementary
Age: 3-8
Type: activity-card
Downloads: 45

Students have to match the names with the pictures. They also can colour it. I Hope you find it useful.
Level: elementary
Age: 5-12
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 43

No "lion"!, this worksheet can be useful for elementary students. How to form present continuous, when do we use it & an exercise on it. (What´s the lion doing?)
Level: elementary
Age: 7-12
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 40

This is the second part of the matching exercise. You can find the first part and the pictionary among yesterday´s contributions. http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=287015#thetop http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=287016#thetop I hope you like it!
Level: elementary
Age: 5-14
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 32

bunnies abc´s poster + exercise
Students learn the alphabet with these funny rabbits Page 2: write words beginning with each letter
Level: elementary
Age: 3-7
Type: flash-card
Downloads: 30

Horoscope reading of Dec 18 (you can change the day) 2nd page: match activity and speaking with the questions to ask.
Level: intermediate
Age: 11-17
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 23


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