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This game helps you to practice general vocabulary related to objects.

Level: elementary
Age: 9-100

Students use pictures as clues to complete a hangman activity.

Level: elementary
Age: 6-100

Students practise the present continuous tense

Level: elementary
Age: 9-100

present perfect affirmative and negative sentences
An activity to practice affirmative and negative sentences in the Present Perfect Tense.

Level: elementary
Age: 10-100

present perfect questions and short answers
This is an activity to practice questions and short answers.

Level: elementary
Age: 10-100

present perfect tense with adverbs
Complete a dialogue using never, ever, just, already, yet, still, for and since.

Level: intermediate
Age: 12-100

present simple tense
Students practice affirmative, negative, interrogative and short answer forms of present simple verbs.

Level: elementary
Age: 10-100

Questions and short answers
Students will practice interrogative and short answer structures using watersports vocabulary.

Level: elementary
Age: 9-100

Relative Pronouns
Students complete activities to practice using the relative pronouns: where, which and who.

Level: elementary
Age: 11-100

Road safety
Hangman to practise road safety vocabulary

Level: elementary
Age: 6-10