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What are they doing?
what are they doing? Read and complete with the correct form of the verb+ name of the rooms complete with the correct preposition of place(in/on/at/between/next to/ up/down...)
Level: intermediate
Age: 5-10
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 1047

my amazing house
different parts and rooms of the house
Level: elementary
Age: 3-8
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 935

full term english test n 3 9th form
reading about voluntary work/ language : tense/ form gap filling/mulitple choice dealing with module 6 civility
Level: intermediate
Age: 7-12
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 848

means of entertainment
pupils are asked to label the pictures than classify the means of entertainment
Level: intermediate
Age: 11-14
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 645

will or going to
will and going to rules usage and exercises
Level: intermediate
Age: 6-12
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 635

at the restaurant
at the restaurant matching/ read and answer the questions
Level: intermediate
Age: 5-9
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 632

must /have to
must and have to rules and exercises
Level: intermediate
Age: 6-14
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 619

obligation and prohibition
all about obligation and prohibition+ exercises dealing with school rules i hope you like this worksheet. my pupils liked it very much. i hope yours will enjoy it.
Level: intermediate
Age: 6-10
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 618

BOTH EITHER NEITHER rules and exercises
Level: intermediate
Age: 6-10
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 612

7th form mid term test
listening passage from esl lab /happy birthday languge: birthday/ house/ prep. of place
Level: elementary
Age: 4-11
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 560


correction of test
this is a power point correction of a test (march 1st by ben 10)printables

Level: elementary
Age: 3-9
Downloads: 20

correction of the 2nd term english test
reading about a plane crash/ language: transport/ communication/ e-mails/ writing about the advantages and the disadvantages of the internet

Level: intermediate
Age: 9-12
Downloads: 18

much or many
many much rules and exercises

Level: elementary
Age: 3-12
Downloads: 16

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