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The flags of English speaking countries
Ss paint the flags of English speaking countries.
Level: elementary
Age: 8-14
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 462

The flags of English speaking countries-2
The same printable I sent yesterday (http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=135103#thetop), but with colours to help students paint their own worksheet. I hope you like it! :)
Level: elementary
Age: 8-12
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 415

Word formation
A worksheet to practise word formation with different prefixes and suffixes.
Level: advanced
Age: 14-17
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 194

A grammar guide about modal verbs for intermediate levels(CAN, COULD, SHOULD, MUST, MAY, MIGHT) followed by exercises-3 pages.
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 96

A worksheet about clothes
Level: elementary
Age: 10-17
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 56

Test-Elementary level (Topic area:School)
A test for elementary learners. It has got four groups: reading comprehension, vocabulary (school subjects, school objects, telling the time), grammar (present simple of the verbs to be and have got,prepositions of time:in,on,at) and a composition.
Level: elementary
Age: 10-12
Type: Choose
Downloads: 34

Numbers 1 to 10
A worksheet for young beginners.
Level: elementary
Age: 6-11
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 24

Days of the week
A worksheet about the days of the week for elementary students.
Level: elementary
Age: 8-11
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 20

Name game- Vocabulary:home
I suggest using this worksheet with SS in pairs or in groups. The first group to name all the things in this room wins the game. Good to make Ss use their dictionaries if they have any doubts concerning vocabulary!
Level: intermediate
Age: 11-17
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 11

Countries and nationalities
Ss recognise famous personalities and write a sentence with their country and nationality.
Level: elementary
Age: 10-12
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 8


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