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maryse peyé
Maryse Peyé

I love teaching languages and especially English ! I love making my students realize how important it is to speak several languages.

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common and proper nouns
have you ever dreamt to learn your lessons with some funny mnemonics ? with comics characters ? Try this lesson and enjoy it. I am sure you will remind easily some invariable nouns and why they are or... discover a new way of learning.
Level: intermediate
Age: 9-12
Type: grammar-guide
Downloads: 10

comparatives of superiority (long adjectives) and equality + 1 word ladder
Here is a short grammar lesson about the comparative of superiority "more + adj + than" and of equality ; there are 21 sentences with the comparative of superiority for short adjectives and the ones of the lesson. I added a game : a word ladder with 14 words. Both keys are included. Good work and good fun !
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-16
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 87

comparatives of superiority for short and ending -y adjectives
A short grammar lesson with examples about the comparatives of superiority for short and ending -y adjectives. Then an exercise to check if the lesson is understood. Key provided. Good work !
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-15
Type: grammar-guide
Downloads: 41

Here is the 2nd part with 2 more exercises about countries and nationalities + a bonus about emblematic animals. The 4th exercise is about 50 other countries and the last one is to classify the countries of my chosen list, in order to better memorize the different endings. This 2nd completes and needs the elements of the 1st (color codes for exampl...
Level: intermediate
Age: 9-15
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 14

crossword action verbs & vocabulary exercise
this game (about 25 verbs of action) and its linked vocabulary exercise (infinitive, verb-ing, synonym, opposite, adjective & past participle) can be made with the pictures only (for the crossword) or with the pictures AND the given definitions. Then the exercise can be done with a dictionary of synonyms and contraries. All the keys are given. Good...
Level: intermediate
Age: 9-17
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 34

crossword on art - advanced level.
Not far from 100 words for this crossword on art. Keys included. Good fun !
Level: advanced
Age: 14-17
Type: activity-card
Downloads: 16

daily routines & leisure
some work about usual vocabulary. I mix several verbs and the 1st exercise is to classify these verbs. Then there is a matching exercise and the keys are given (the verbs written in green can be put in daily routines too if the students have pets for example or if they think of their mother).
Level: elementary
Age: 9-14
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 20

7 flashcards for fun, 3 pages of exercises and 2 pages of keys on the theme : DAYS OF THE WEEK. Very good fun !
Level: elementary
Age: 9-14
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 15

days and months
the days of the week are illustrated with nice pictures. the months of the year are divided in 4 periods and each month is illustrated with nice pictures, some of main festive events of the year.
Level: elementary
Age: 5-7
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 1

Days and months flashcards
Here are some funny flashcards about days and months. You can print the cards twice and make a memory game for example. You can ask the students to ask a question about what is written on each card or answer the written question to give more points. It is a simple reading exercise at the same time. You can make your students spell the names. Good f...
Level: elementary
Age: 7-14
Type: flash-card
Downloads: 53


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