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Jessica S
South Africa

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Song review! Kindergarten
A mini-game I made for my Kindergartners to review some songs they´ve learnt.

Level: elementary
Age: 3-8
Downloads: 29

Ailments intro 2
PPT with guided / animated dialogs. useful!

Level: elementary
Age: 9-12
Downloads: 15

introduction to countable and non countables
An introduction to how to ask for various foods (countable or non-countable) with funny pictures and a "scrambled sentences" activity.

Level: elementary
Age: 9-12
Downloads: 11

Snowman memory game
This is a review of colors and winter clothing, followed by a memory game. Students must remember the colours of the 4 items of clothing that the snowman is wearing.

Level: elementary
Age: 5-8
Downloads: 31

How many MNOPQ?
Students find and count the small and capital letters. The answer is then highlighted on the following slide. With animations and sounds.

Level: elementary
Age: 4-8
Downloads: 9

Shopping Bomb game
An illustrated, animated bomb game to review shopping dialog.

Level: elementary
Age: 10-12
Downloads: 68

Through the Kehole. What are they doing? Part 2
Part 2 of a game. Students guess what people are doing in their homes by ´looking through the keyhole." Click, and the keyhole animates, zooming out to reveal the answer. Copy and paste the slides from this PPT into part 1 for best effect.

Level: elementary
Age: 10-12
Downloads: 211

What did you do yesterday? Disappearing blocks
A ´disappearing blocks´ guessing activity - with a difference! Students can roll a dice, then choose a colour to choose which square is removed, to slowly reveal the picture. (award points for correct guesses.) Plus a mystery disappearing blocks activity - choose a numbered block to remove, and a my...

Level: elementary
Age: 9-12
Downloads: 183

She´s tall Song DDR (song included)
based on DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) PPT includes instructions. First read the song lyrics, listen to the song, and point to the correct block of lyrics to match the part of the song that´s being sung (quickly and in time). There is a practice (easy) version, and more difficult one.

Level: elementary
Age: 10-12
Downloads: 16

Let´s ___. Can you join us? (1) plus GAME (animated)
Intro plus animated game (on slides 13-16 - not visible in preview) (instructions on PPT.)

Level: elementary
Age: 10-12
Downloads: 17

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