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monique karagozian

ESL printables helped me to become more creative and give a new sense to my life as a teacher ! I love sharing.My priority is to find innovative ways to motivate my students. English is not exactly their cup of tea ! Thanks to all the members who have taught me so many things. Some have unfortunately left us. They left sadness but also Fortune behind !

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Online exercises

A day in the life of a Fair-Trade farmer - Reading + Picture Description + KEY
This ws is aimed at raising awareness around this topic which is often dealt with at oral exams. I used these visuals to introduce the subject. Then provided them with vocabulary to elicit conversation. I added varied exercises useful for multi-level classes.
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-100
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 82

A day without a Mexican
A worksheet that can be used as a reading or test for upper-intermediate students. Followed by a series of varied comprehension and vocabulary exercises in context. It is about Mexican immigrants in the U.S.A. What the US would be without them ! Really interesting ! Hugs to all of you !
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-17
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 135

A dog�s life - Idioms with dog
Idioms are expressions that help us describe an exact situation in a different, more creative way. Here are some dog�s idioms. Some of them are real fun ! Hope you like it. Have a nice week. Monique
Level: advanced
Age: 10-100
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 65

A drought in the Outback All in One
This is a re-load. Only for those who missed the 3 page version of yesterday. This is an all in 1 page version. But couldnt get the key on it. If you need the key Ill send you the other version. I wanted to test whether this lay-out gets more success. The text is about a terrible drought + introduction of non-native species in Australia. I ...
Level: advanced
Age: 13-17
Type: reading
Downloads: 72

A drought in the Outback COMPREHENSION + Key
This is a Reading Comprehension. A terrible drought hits Australia and there isnt anylonger enough grass to feed the poor sheep. A second threat comes from the introduction of non-native rabbits. Text is followed by comprehension questions and vocabulary-work. I added the key. For intermediate and pre-advanced. Hope you like it!
Level: advanced
Age: 14-17
Type: reading
Downloads: 57

A farmers daily routine present simple. + KEY.
Uploading this ws has been a nightmare. I tried 20 times. No size problem. Sent messages !!! NO answer. Finally had a wonderful helping hand. KOHAI saved my life. Lets say this is now a co-production. KARA-KOHAI Waiting for your comments !!!I made this Pictionary to reinforce the present simple. Also trying to motivate my weaker students. They s...
Level: intermediate
Age: 8-100
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 137

A horse with no name by America
A song that works very well along with a simple general grammar revision. While listening the students have to find opposites, synonyms, present simple, past simple, present perfect, past continuous. A good exercise for a 10 gap-filler. Hugs!!!
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-17
Type: reading
Downloads: 30

A lamp in a window - Reading + Comprehension questions + KEY
A popular reading for upper-intermediate ss. The ws first consists of an introduction to Truman Capote and some useful tips for effective reading. Its followed by a series of varied comprehension questions. Students usually like this reading as there is growing suspense all along the story. Key is provided of course. This ws can be used in var...
Level: intermediate
Age: 13-100
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 97

A letter from Australia (Reading, answering questions and writing a letter)
I wanted my pupils to train how to write to an imaginary pen friend. They have to read the letter, answer the comprehension questions, do a vocabulary exercise and then answer the letter, telling about their own country and experiences. Its meant for pre-intermediate to intermediate ss.
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-100
Type: reading
Downloads: 217

A letter from Canada
Can be used as a reading or test. A letter from Canada meant for pre-intermediate or intermediate ss. Its followed by a series of comprehension questions + vocabulary matching exercise. Have a nice end of week!
Level: elementary
Age: 9-17
Type: reading
Downloads: 286


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