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monique karagozian

ESL printables helped me to become more creative and give a new sense to my life as a teacher ! I love sharing.My priority is to find innovative ways to motivate my students. English is not exactly their cup of tea ! Thanks to all the members who have taught me so many things. Some have unfortunately left us. They left sadness but also Fortune behind !

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Online exercises

Possessives - Adjectives and Pronouns + Exercises + KEY
The ws consists in showing simple rules. Then students or pupils have to do the exercises. Aimed at pre-intermediate and intermediate level. Key is provided. Hope you like it. Monique Can also be found here : http://www.liveworksheets.com/worksheets/en/English_as_a_Second_Language_(ESL)/Possessive_adjectives_and_pronouns/Possessives_-_Adjectives_a...
Level: intermediate
Age: 8-100
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 228

Present simple covid-19
An opportunity to revise the present simple. Affirmative and negative. A simple matching ex. to revise and/or study vocabulary. Producing negative sentences. I wish you all the best in this time of confinement and lockdown. WARNING ! The first sentence in the 2nd exercise should be "1. Social distancing only .. if everybody .. . " CANNOT U...
Level: intermediate
Age: 8-100
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 120

PREFIXES for Advanced learners 2 - Ex + KEY
This one is for advanced learners. Tomorrow I will upload easier ones for upper-intermediate. Students have to do the exercises. KEY is provided of course. Hope you like it.
Level: advanced
Age: 14-100
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 112

How can one be for ??!! you would say. Now, this issue is not so simple. Too many people still do not have the choice. So, in this period of having fun, be it on the 25th, or the 1st or the 7th or whatever . or complaining about our lack of liberty due to confinement. Let�s think about all those who would do anything to earn a penny because the...
Level: advanced
Age: 13-100
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 94

Phil collins, HOMELESSNESS - Another day in paradise by Phil Collins. Multi-activity worksheet.
Why not think of the less privileged at this time of the year. I made a worksheet dealing with HOMELESSNESS. It starts with some general facts about this growing issue around the world, and the difficulties these people have to cope with. Then, I decided to use Phil Collins all to well known song "Another Day in Paradise". Follows then a series o...
Level: intermediate
Age: 12-100
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 697

Ways you can save the planet 1 - Poster - Reading - Debating
You can use this as a poster or for many other activities. Could be useful as a starter for other activities on this topic. It consists in tips to make our ss aware that everybody can do something for the planet, that every step is worth trying. You can hand this out to elicit speaking and debating - who does already what, where, and when? Also for...
Level: intermediate
Age: 8-17
Downloads: 107

Natural Disasters and Weather A. Pictionary + matching words with definitions + KEY
The following two wss are aimed at slightly higher level ss. Again studying or revising vocabulary associated with water issues. Key is provided of course.
Level: advanced
Age: 11-100
Downloads: 71

Farm vocabulary - Pictionary - A to C
I made this series of worksheets for my grandchildren. Some of you may use them with young children. They are aimed at learning or revising vocabulary. Hope youll like them.
Level: elementary
Age: 3-100
Type: flash-card
Downloads: 86

The furniture in my house - Part 2 - Vocabulary + KEY
This is a ws for intermediate to upper-intermediate ss. It is a bit more challenging. Ss have to complete sentences with given words. I added the key. Monique
Level: intermediate
Age: 10-100
Downloads: 79

Written Expression. Eating Disorders. Guided writing.
Context is given + ideas + vocabulary. Students have to write a letter in about 200 words. Hope it is useful. Monique
Level: advanced
Age: 14-100
Type: worksheet
Downloads: 80


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