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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Crutches???    



Hi colleagues!
I need your help again....When someone needs or has crutches or a cane....
What is the verb?
He uses a cane / He uses crutches  or
He carries a cane / He carries crutches ?
I don`t think wear can be posible....
Please tell me...
Thank you

3 Jul 2009      

Nabila Manzur

I would say
* He uses crutches
* He wears a cast or a cane
that rings the bell for me maybe i´m wrong, let`s wait for more answers

3 Jul 2009     

Marla D.
United States

I would say
He uses a cane.
He uses crutches.  These too imply movement.
He has crutches.
He has a cane. These two imply ownership.
He has a cast on his arm.
He needs crutches to walk. 
He needs a cane when he walks. These two imply need.
You are correct. We do not say wear in these cases.
Hope this helps.

3 Jul 2009     

United States

I agree with all of Marla´s suggestions.  In addition:
"He uses crutches"  or "He is on crutches." (and what Marla said)
"He uses a cane."  "He walks with a cane."  "He has a cane"(implies they are needed)
If you say he "wears" a cast--you imply that it is voluntary (He chooses to wear).  I usually say "He has a cast on his...."

3 Jul 2009     

United States

Nabila - No one wears a cane.
You ´re on crutches - or you use crutches.
He uses a cane or walks with a cane.

Oh - I totally agree with Douglas and Marla!


3 Jul 2009     

Nabila Manzur

ok thx ! :) I was mistaken. you´re right ¨wear ¨implies that u want to wear it.

3 Jul 2009