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I need help


I need help
Hello !
 My name Carmen . I need some materials including MEANS OF EXPRESSING FUTURE TIME with tests , exercises , common mistakes ). I saw wonderful tests here .  I can īt download them because MY Contribution is O . Thank you very much .My e-mail : carme-n @windowslive.com .

5 Jul 2009      

United States

Hi Maytryi
This is a sharing site, as you can read about above. To receive, you must give.
So........try making some materials to share and you īll get points to download.
That īs the way this site works.

5 Jul 2009     

United Kingdom

Welcome to the site and as libertybelle says try to contribute some worksheets. In order to help you along here are some links that should be helpful regarding the future tense.

5 Jul 2009     


Dear aftab57
Your answer toMAYTREYI was extremely nice. I order to produce good material we do welcome good models to leran from. I īve been a teacher for ages and I appreciate your wonderful suggestions. Of course I don īt intend to upload copied stuff but I can use the ideas as a starting point if I want to share my docs. or use the ws. in my classes when they are photocopiable (and there are so many in the sites you īve suggested!!! )Smile
Thank you so much !!!


5 Jul 2009     


Correction: I mean-  In order to produce

5 Jul 2009