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Just our of curiosity!


Just our of curiosity!
Hi everybody!
I am quite new here and first of all I would like to congratulate you on your magnificent work done here at esl printables. I will try to upload more things as soon as I have more time ( summer courses have just started and I am quite busy at the moment Tongue)
I have been taking a look at the " RECENT CONTRIBUTIONS SECTIONS" and , just out of curiousity... How can it be possible that among these "recent" contributions you can find ws with 200 and even more downloads?? Itīs not possible that someone gets 200 downloads just in one day, is it?I was just wondering if you can download again and again one same and old contribution so that you get more points, but I checked the rules and you certainly CANNOT do that. So... why are there some premium members who are allowed to do so?? Wacko
I hope somebody can answer my question.  Wink Thank you!

6 Jul 2009      

manonski (f)

Yes Jeromes, it is possible for a printable to get 200 downloads in the same day. We are a lot of members here so it is possible that more than 200 members chose to download a specific printable.

6 Jul 2009     


Jeromes, by now, Katiana īs recent contribution has 342 downloads!!!

6 Jul 2009     


Oh, you know what? I just thought that maybe premium members ( and with premium members I mean members with thousands of points)  had a right to upload old contributions again so that newer members had a chance to download some of their work for free, and thus get like, you know, more motivated . But I see I was wrong Embarrassed
Thanks for your replies!
And yes, stexstme, some of the ws are really amazing! A pity I canīt download them yet, since I am still trying to get the 30 points required to do so , but I guess I will sometime!! Smile

6 Jul 2009     


Looks like you īll be able to download tomorrow - congratulations! Tongue

6 Jul 2009     


yes! Thaaaaank you all!!! Tongue

6 Jul 2009     

United States

You can download today.  It will just cost you a point.  The point used doesn īt take away from the 30 you need to be a premium member. 

6 Jul 2009