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Hi, guys!
I am here to complain about points. Ive sent some worksheets three days ago and I was not awarded any points for them. What s is going on?
Thank you,

9 Jul 2009      


Every time someone downloads one of your worksheets, you get one point, which is added to your account. If nobody finds your wss useful and doesn t download them you get 0 points.

9 Jul 2009     


you have 48 points , Rachel

9 Jul 2009     

United States

Before you complain, try reading the rules and look at your points under your photo.
You have 49 points.

9 Jul 2009     


I think our colleague  rachelbotelho is not understanding how this site works, and I think that here we should help each other. Do you do that with your students, don t you?
Good night,

10 Jul 2009     

United States

I know Liberty said to read the rules.  I take you are new to the site.  So on the points in case you didn t have time to read all the rules or missed it the points usually come up a day or two later after someone downloads the sheets into your section.  Now the ws will show the points you will be getting as they are downloaded most of the time.  It also seems most are downloaded the day they are put into the new ws section.  I forget which time zone they use to begin the new day.  So just want to add this welcome to the site.  Also recommend that now you have the 49 points download as much of the new worksheets that grab your attention to create a nice little library of material for future use.  One reason if it isn t in the new ws section it cost a point.

10 Jul 2009     

United Kingdom

If you cant wait for your points to be updated or there is a glich in the system click on this:

it updates your account.... kind of good for people with not a lot of points to spare....

10 Jul 2009