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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > 10 worksheets from the same user???????    

10 worksheets from the same user???????


10 worksheets from the same user???????
Hi everyone!
I know I asked the same question 3 or 4 days ago, but how is it possible for a user with only 155 points to upload 10 worksheets ON THE SAME DAY??? They were all among yesterday īs contributions. It īs really strange.

19 Jul 2009      


Hi Silvia! yesterday night I asked the same question.Take a look at this link.


19 Jul 2009     


Maybe that person uploaded 5 before the Spanish midnight and 5 after that time. Just some minutes may make the difference. Question

19 Jul 2009     


yeah but isn īt it the limit 3 worksheets per day?

19 Jul 2009     


Just to remind you...


Normally the system is still effective but the glitch as
Liberty says is becoming more and more frequent these days.

Hope Victor is always around to see to it.

19 Jul 2009     

Thalia Gralik

Hello darling!!!
I think when something like that happens, we should NOT upload any of them!!!
I didnīt, though I liked two of them !!!
Well, thatīs a pity, cause this site is really wnderful, if people keep doing that, itīs gonna become a mess!!!
Kisses to everyone!

19 Jul 2009     

United Kingdom

Hi Everyone
This topic has come up a lot in the last week or so and it seems that people are issuing incorrect information regarding Victor īs table of how many uploads people could make.  This was his suggestion which led to a long discussion and if you read the whole thread you will see that most people weren īt keen on that idea.  They preferred that everyone could upload the same number of contributions regardless of points.  Victor agreed with this and set the limit as 3 uploads for EVERYONE. 
You can see the link below along with Victor īs confirmation of the 3 uploads per day
The limit has been set to 3 daily contributions for everybody (total of worksheets and powerpoints).
I had implemented a system for this but... I īve just discovered there was an error. I hope it is ok now. We will see tomorrow.
6 March

19 Jul 2009     


" The number of worksheets/powerpoints uploaded"keeps on showing up in the forum. Why???? Because some members are not completely aware of the rules of the site or because they are ignoring the rules. Kaz provided the link where Victor set the worksheet limit( 3 per day). But, it seems that the system is not working accordingly. Some members are still uploading more than the limits. Please Victor, try to do sth. so that all this mess ends. Thanks for always being there when needed! Nebal

19 Jul 2009     


Thanks Kaz for the correction. But this confirm the issue. how do some people manage to upload 10 WS at a time?
It seems there is a problem with the system and we hope Victor will (if he had time) fix it or make the point clear to avoid any misunderstanding or suspicion.


19 Jul 2009