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Worksheet removed : (

regina. di

Worksheet removed : (
I īm very sad that I had one of my worksheets removed. Victor said it was a copy from another worksheet that I haven īt had any idea it existed here. I īve created it by myself and have put a lot of effort to make it look nice. And it was a very different one, just with a similar idea, but completely different sentences. I get so upset when things like this happen. You try to create something nice and they remove it. By the way, when I try to contact Victor to explain and try to solve a problem, he never answers. 
I don īt know if that happens only with me or with everyone. I just know that I get really disappointed when a worksheet I create by myself is reported as stolen.

19 Jul 2009      

Czech Republic

If your ws is original, you can upload it again.
Or you can adapt the ws a bit, make it even more interesting, add some more activities, songs, youtube links, games... I am sure you get your lost 40 points back... Maybe you can get much more :-))
Don īt give up... To prevent deleting, change the layout or give link to the similar ws and state the differences...

It is normal to have similar worksheets. But it is not fair to take someoneīs idea / pics / layout completely and not to give credits to the original... I believe you agree with this...
Victor and moderators are trying to PREVENT these naughty things... Some new members are trying to cheat the system, thatīs why the voting system was implemented.... Victor and moderators may be wrong sometimes, so please forgive them and upload it again. Cheer up !

19 Jul 2009