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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Why does the shape of my WS change when I upload it?    

Why does the shape of my WS change when I upload it?


Why does the shape of my WS change when I upload it?
I recently uploaded some WS and when I check how they look they seem to change its sahpes. There appear question marks (that are not in original text), the whole shape seems to be different with objects I put in. But when I download the WS there seem to be no mistakes. Does anybody have the same problem? Why does this happen?

20 Jul 2009      


Sometimes this happens because the preview here has a limited amount of fonts. It has happened to me, too - I choose such nice fonts, and then - the boring official Ariel. But everything is ok when it īs downloaded. Perhaps you can make a note of it in your description of your ws, or do as I do - use simple fonts for uploading - everybody edits the downloaded material anyway. Yes, we are all visual creatures, but ultimately - it īs the quality of content which is important.

20 Jul 2009     


I solved this problem adopting Ariel for all my works. If I use another one in the ws, I choose the option to save embedding fonts. The document will be a little bit heavier but they won īt change after uploading.

If the problem is with the title, instead of just inserting it, I insert, print screen, open a pic editor (I use irfanview) and cut in the size I īll use, so insert it again in the document as an image. It won īt change either.

For moving pics, I select all of them and group them (I īm not sure the word to use because my word editor is in Portuguese) so they won īt move after uploading.

Hope these tips help you, I learned them here from wiser members! LOL

Zailda Coirano

20 Jul 2009