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Worksheet Requests

United Kingdom

Worksheet Requests
Have any of you ever received a PM from a member with below 30 points asking you to send them your worksheets, because they īve not had the points to download them themselves?  If so, did you?  Or did you think this was cheeky?

21 Jul 2009      


I received but didn īt send anything. In fact I consider this sort of requests kind of bothering. What if every member under 30 points started sending this kind of messages? The spirit of the site is: if you want something, work for it. We are here to share, not to beg.

If we start sending ws by email, what will happen to this site? Of course, when a member has a problem with his/her pc and looses everything, or when a member who is contributing needs something, everyone will help.

But if the persons starts as a member just asking what s/he wants instead of working for it, in my point-of-view s/he īs starting with the wrong foot.

Have a nice day!


21 Jul 2009     

United Kingdom

I totally agree with you.  That īs why I didn īt respond to the message.  Just checking other people īs views on this

21 Jul 2009     


It īs my view. I always ask:

Who really helps: who gives you a fish or who teaches you how to fish?



21 Jul 2009     


It has never happened to me (yet?) but this site is about what it is. If you want "free" downloads out of nothing, just go to another site. There are lots. And if you have 30 points, then, you can still get 30 downloads. He/She just needs one or two of your works? He/She just needs to spend 2 points. Tomorrow s/he can work on something, upload it, and s/heīll get more points.

There are rules everywhere, and we cannot try to jump over them. That, as you have said pepelie, is cheeky. And this site is too worthy. Do not let people change it into ............. I do not know how to say it, but you understand.

21 Jul 2009     


Frankly, it īs so easy to earn the 30 points which get you everything else daily for free(you can have 30 points and get 30 free wss/ppts daily for the rest of your life - imagine getting that much in a supermarket!!!), that I īm amazed these people even bothered sending you a pm. Your word for it is really nice īcheeky ī - it is cheeky. I īm with Zailde - work for it. I like some people who were confused about not getting enough points, asked for our advice on how to improve their work (not on giving them points or our wss) and used the advice, improving their work and now basking in the sunshade of personal success and achievement. But, people, WHEN DID IT ALL BECOME ABOUT POINTS???? I practically stopped counting after the first 30, and I just check from time to time so I can brag about it to my hubbie, so he īd know why I spend so much time here.
Pls, let īs not waste too much time on freeloaders! Most people here really work hard and selflessly share their work with us, and to them(and you, pepelie, for your courage to post this)...

21 Jul 2009     

United States

I agree - it is really easy to earn those 30 points - all it takes is a little time and creativity.
This is a sharing site. There are lots of free sites other places on the net.
That īs why I get mad when someone just uploads a picture and hope to earn points, when they could have used 10 minutes to add some good activities.
It is kind of an insult when you look at it that way. (as if no one here is worth the time)
So don īt answer - we share here!
The End Clap


21 Jul 2009     

Sara Almeida

It happened to me... probrably one month ago... He was a member from Brazil...

21 Jul 2009     

Alicia del c.

Yes friend, heīs a brazilian teacher who asked for some works to download. I didnīt answer for the same reason you explain.

22 Jul 2009