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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > you and me or you and i?    

you and me or you and i?


you and me or you and i?

hello dear teachers....

i would like some help on the difference between you and i and you and me! r them the same???? whats the difference? when should i use each one?

27 Jul 2009      


I is a subject, me is an object.... so...
1. You and I will be travelling to England on the 12th of August.
2. If they look throught the window, they will be able to see both you and me.
That īs how I was taught... Naturally, spoken modern English is more flexible and in everyday speech you will find both mixed, though it doesn īt mean it īs correct.

27 Jul 2009     

Hong Kong

It depends on the usage of each phrase. If the subject is being talked about it is "You and I".  "You and me" is usually used for the object. A good rule of thumb is to take away the first pronoun and see if the sentence still makes sense or is correct grammatically.

27 Jul 2009     


thx for the help guys...

27 Jul 2009     


you and I=we
you and me=us
so to know which one to use , you can decide about  which one gives the meaning(we or us).
hope it helps

27 Jul 2009     


you and I =Used as Nominative Function of Noun (Subject, Subject Complement, Direct Address or Appositive)

you and me= used as Objective Functions of Nouns (Direct Object, Indirect Object, Object of Preposition)

You can research these functions of nouns via internet also.

God Bless!


5 Aug 2009