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ESL forum > Teaching material > I know I īm flogging a dead horse here but......    

I know I īm flogging a dead horse here but......

United Kingdom

I know I īm flogging a dead horse here but......
why oh why can īt people take three seconds to say thank you? Grrrrrrrrrr! Why in a virtual environment have manners gone out the window? Just one example, somebody īs w/s today though it has had around 230 downloads there are only about 40 thank yous? That īs 190 people who didn īt have time to say thanks.

Sorry, coz I know this issue has been done to death here, but I just know that in a real life environment if someone were nice enough to share a worksheet with us, we wouldn īt just turn around and walk off with it and not say thank you. And if you did, that nice sharing teacher might think twice about helping you out next time!

Ok, phew, feel better, had to get that off my chest. Climbing down off my soapbox.....

31 Jul 2009      


NO matter how many times this issue is done here, we must never give it up and I īm always with you on this one, so...

31 Jul 2009     


I have nothing left to say on this issue, as after bringing it up here only last week I was told by a very nasty member to "get the f*** over it"  or something to that effect.  So it seems that when you think people couldn īt be any more rude, they go right ahead and surprise you!!!!!

My argument was that not only is it nice for the author of the wss, but it is helpful to the person downloading them.  I know I have often came across a ws I almost spent a point on, only to realise after going through the comments I had already downloaded it, and could save my point!!

31 Jul 2009