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Aldona 777
Russian Federation

Dear colleagues,
if I ask a kid to bring me a letter
Can I say
Bring me A (N, M.......)
Or should I say
Bring me a B
Is an article nesessary?

4 Aug 2009      


I ´d say:   Bring me the letter .....   or
               Bring me a V or Bring me an N or
               Bring me the V or the N

4 Aug 2009     

Hong Kong

If the object is singular and countable it should always have an article (a/an) before it; unless it is a person, of course. :)  If it is uncountable it needs "the ´ or "some". This is just good grammar.

4 Aug 2009     

United Kingdom

Does anyone remember the running gag on the TV quiz game for teenagers, ´Blockbusters ´?  "Could I have a ´P ´ please, Bob?"

4 Aug 2009     


I think I would use the article, «the » if you only have one of each, «a/an» if you have more. I play a game with my beginners using fridge magnets with letter shapes.As I ´ve got plenty of each, I usually ask «Bring me... a green A»! .
Best regards from sunny Portugal

4 Aug 2009     

Aldona 777
Russian Federation


4 Aug 2009     

United Kingdom

almaz - you must be as old as me if you can remember that far back.  I loved blockbusters.

4 Aug 2009     

United States

I also think you need an article. If you only have one of each letters, you should use "the", if not, use "a" or "an" depending on the sound of the letter, For example B has a consonant sound at the beginning, therefore, you should use "a", but N, or M, begin with a vowel sound, so you should use "an".

4 Aug 2009