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ESL forum > Teaching material > Help needed: how to do an " order images" interactive exercise    

Help needed: how to do an " order images" interactive exercise


Help needed: how to do an " order images" interactive exercise
Hello, Im trying to do some interactive exercises for my class. I wanted students to put some comic strips in the right order, but first I need to put them in the WRONG order. Several comic strips in the same page.Do you know what I mean?How do I do that? Im trying with Ardora editor because I think  you cant do things with images in Hot Potatoes. any other ideas?
If you have seen professorgarfield reading ring, id like something like that.

27 Oct 2008      


Obviously Word cannot be used for this type of activity - unless you cut up the images like flash cards and have them put the pictures in the correct order.
PowerPoint can in fact do this also, but it is quite complicated to set up.  If you look at this presentation, this one is a very simple demonstration of how you can make things work in a particular order, so that only the correct pictures will appear if clicked in the right sequence.  It is a simple demonstration, but if you check all the triggers and hidden connections, you will actually see it is quite complicated to set up.
You can substitute your own pictures for each of the occupations, but it is not just as simple as changing one picture for another - anyway have a look and see if you can work it out.
If you really want to learn how to do this more effectively then you are best using programs such as Flash, but I find these much more complicated than even PowerPoint

28 Oct 2008     

New Zealand

I may have missed the point here - but what about just printing one sheet per student (or group) and then cut them up and hand them out inside an envelope.

If you want it on a computer screen you can do this quiet easily inside of microsoft word it just takes time.  Click on the whole cartoon, copy and paste it.  Use the CROP tool to reduce it down to just one cartoon square.  Paste again and CROP down to a different cartoon square. 
At the end make sure you compress the pictures within Word - that way all of that extra cropped information gets removed from the program.

28 Oct 2008     


Maybe I missed the point or was I just trying to show off that PowerPoint can be used for more than just pretty pictures.  You are quite right, much depends upon the teachers aim.  If your kids have access to computers then PowerPoint is the way to go, but if this is a classroom activity with the whole class then why not do just as Vicki suggests and just crop each picture from the cartoon strip and make different pages if you want them so big, or just print each picture in a different box in a table and then cut them out.  You would have to make sufficient copies for small groups in the class - I try not to have more than 5 in any one group and even that - sometimes - is too many.
Just to really confirm that I am a PowerPoint show off I have a presentation which shows how to make Flash Cards using Microsoft Word.  This can be adapted quite easily for story sequencing.  I use cards this size for individual pictures and for cartoons.  They can be laid side by side to construct a larger cartoon sequence
To be honest, despite championing PowerPoint, I actually use cards and matching activities with cards much more than I ever use PowerPoint.  There is nothing like the hands on approach where the kids can touch and move things around at will.
Come over to the dark side and join the Flashcards enthusiasts secret society - you know you really want to!!!!

28 Oct 2008