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dear colleagues


dear colleagues
I wanna ask something.
do we say:
"how are you feeling today?"
"how do you feel today?"
I īm asking cos ī I īve seen the both.

10 Aug 2009      


I would accept both.

10 Aug 2009     

United Kingdom

You can say both

10 Aug 2009     

David Lisgo

Both are fine, though they have a suggestion that the person you are asking may be unwell and we are hopeful of some improvement.

10 Aug 2009     


Hi mr dgdln,
Both are ok to use because I īve used both at various stages. However, by saying "how are you feeling today?"  or  "how do you feel today?" implies that the person you īre talking to hasn īt been feeling well and that you īre asking to see if he/she is ok or feeling better today. If the person is well and ok, then I īd normally say "how are you today?" ,  "how īs it going?" , "g īday".
Hope this helps.

10 Aug 2009     

United States

I totally agree with Ranclaude!  One little thing - a great deal depends on the way you say these sentences. On a messageboard it īs hard to show which word is stressed and also the sound of your voice.
If someone had a little too much to drink the night before - you might say;
and how are you feeling today- in a way that would sound like an inside joke.

If you said it with concern it would be as Ranclaude said - as if you īre concerned if someone is feeling better because they might have been sick.


10 Aug 2009     


I asked because I saw 2 different face pictures showing people īs mood. on one of them, "how do you feel today?" was written and on the other "how are you feeling today?" was written.
as a conclusion I can deduce from your posts, I can use both and  there might be a slight meaning difference if I īm asking that sentence to sb who didn īt feel fine before.
thanks for your kind answers
love you all!

10 Aug 2009