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international names


international names
Today I used some of your age wss. I usually check them before printing but this time I was in a hurry. As my students were answering the questions to "How old is Flavia?" they couldn t decide if they were supposed to use "he" or "she". So if it is possible can we use international names(mainly English ones) on our worksheets.
   Thanks for considering.

17 Aug 2009      


Well, it s a good idea but it s not often so easy, because our worksheets are designed for our own classes and then for ESLprintables. I ll try to keep your idea in mind. Here is a little help if you download Italian worksheets: all the names ending by "a" are girls names, except for Andrea that is a boy s name! Funny isn t it? I know that in England that is a girl s name! Bye.

17 Aug 2009     

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

I try to use international names or English names so that my Ss know about them and know how to spell them and pronounce them, for example,  let s take name Heather. Quite popular name in the US. Most of my Ss had no idea how to pronounce it, but now they know and who knows , maybe one day they will have to address someone with this name. At least now I hope there will be no embarrassment. But it s just an example. 

17 Aug 2009     


I agree with Ladybird, although I always use English names in my ws.

17 Aug 2009     


In my worksheets, I use Hebrew names for my students and before I upload to here, I change the names to English names. 
Hugfrom Israel

17 Aug 2009     

Hong Kong

As a general rule, most names ending in "a are girls names. I don t know of any English names for boys that end in a.  In fact, we tell the difference from boys and girls by the final "a" :Sean-Seana, Paul-Paula etc.

17 Aug 2009     

Sara Almeida

what BTM means?
thank u

17 Aug 2009     


                 Hi Sara,
            It is BTW not BTM. BTW stands for by the way

17 Aug 2009     

Sara Almeida

hum...thank you gulgun! Embarrassed

17 Aug 2009