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Uploading worksheets


Uploading worksheets
Just wondering if anyone else has had some difficulty with uploading. (silly question, I know!!!!!Wacko )  I have the programme Microsoft Vista on my computer.  This has newer features than Windows 97 or XP obviously.
I have just created a worksheet which uses 88kb in Vista but when I convert it to
Windows 97 so this site can accept it it changes to 121kb.  33kb Confused  Quite a difference! (And it changed a lot of the formatting.Cry )
Although this is well within our limits it does help me to understand why so many people worry about the upload limits.
I wonder if this is why so many new members complain that they cannot upload......perhaps they are also using the newer version. I couldn īt upload either until I found the 97 version in the "save as" section.
Anyway, my point is....(and I am no techie  Geek so I might be talking rubbish)...is it possible for our system to be upgraded to take advantage of the new technology?
Hug Cheers from downunder, Joy
PS Thanks for the lovely members (whoever you are) that explained about not pasting clipart directly. I have saved heaps of kb through that! Big smile

18 Aug 2009