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ESL forum > Ask for help > need help for an essay!    

need help for an essay!


need help for an essay!
I gotta write an essay on this topic:
 "Technology advances make the role of teachers be faded. To what extent do you agree or disagree?"
Have you got any ideas on what I should mention?

27 Aug 2009      

United States

You have to write an essay - where the theme is wrongly written? (shame on them)
What they mean probably :

Will the advances in technology make the role of the teacher redundant?

That is an opinion question because no one knows the future.
What are your own ideas? Do you think the role of a live teacher in class
will disappear one day? Do you think machines or computers  will take over the role
of teacher?

Those are the things you need to think through. Other people s opinions don t really matter because,- if you have to tell about this at some exam one day, it will be your own opinion that matters, not ours.

good luck

27 Aug 2009     


thanks a lot!

27 Aug 2009     


Hello hoatth,
First of all I would like to say that I completely agree with Libertybell.
In my opinion,technology is a good help for teachers yet never can replace teachers.
Teaching requires interaction,social interaction.Can technology provide this????
Can it satisfy the feeling of a pupil who is happy to hug his/her teacher??
Can it make a Ss feel like talking to a mother or father when talking to a teacher?
Even technology needs a teacher to use it :)) So that s technology who needs teachers to advance.The class may be equipped with latest technology but if a teacher knows how to make use of it then it gives good results.So everything depends on a teacher in my humble opinion..

27 Aug 2009     

Mouna mch

why don t you get ideas from your own students..
i have done it my self.. ask them if they like / don t like the new teaching method..
what do they suggest.. and so on... believe me it really works

27 Aug 2009