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ESL forum > Ask for help > Young students...real young    

Young students...real young


Young students...real young
Dear teachers,
Once again I come to you asking for some guidance. This year I īm going to teach young students. When I say young students, well... they īre really young, because I īm talking about kids with 5-6 years old. These are the kind of students that are going to learn how to write in portuguese this year and I īm going to be their teacher. My question is: some tips? Embarrassed Please???
I mean, I īve been looking the WS that could be interesting to this ages, but the truth is that almost every ws that say that is good for 5-6 students are too complicated, envolving reading and other skills that I know my students don īt have yet....
So, I īm really open for suggestions, ws, etc...

27 Aug 2009      


I was reading the post and I think I made a mistake... I īm going to be their Englisg teacher!

27 Aug 2009     


Hello Miarish,
for students with those characteristics I īd go for light activities based on games and songs.
There īs also a very good video for those ages called "Muzzy in Gondoland" and "Muzzy comes back", The first one deals with the very basics and has been sold by Planeta Agostini, I guess. The story is about an alien that falls in a kingdom called Gondoland.

27 Aug 2009     


check your pm, pls

27 Aug 2009     


Use my worksheets! lol they īre for young kids. Try to do lots of cutting and pasting exercises, because they need to practice their fine motor skills.

27 Aug 2009     


I īve worked with such kids for over 15 years and they īre a treasure, trust me! You need to use lots of flashcards, wordcards (use capital letters in colours, they memorize writing as an image), small toys (e. g. if you have small animal toys, put them in a little black box or bag, and have them pull the figures out with eyes closed and guess the animal in English), lots of movement (TPR stories are available everywhere), songs, rhymes, nursery rhymes, fingerplays, and you can google them all very easily - just type in preschool rhymes or fingerplays, and you īll see. There are also wonderful courses for them such as Zig Zag Island/Magic, Balloons, Cookie and Friends, Super Me, and lots of similar ones by Oxford, Cambridge and Longman. It īs all about playing language games... You can find lots of worksheets here as well, as well as stories, ppts, printable stickers, certificates. You have to play language with them, not teach them. No traditional bench system . sit on the carpet and have them join you in a cricle, teach them a dance... As for topics, you īll see - it īs always our body, numbers, colours, family, animals, food, etc. It īs such a pleasure once you find your teaching voice in this method - you īll be amazed at how much, how easily and how fast they learn... Enjoy them!

27 Aug 2009     


I know how difficult it can get when you want to teach something to students who don īt write (yet). I suggest the use of flashcards and pictures, colouring some cards, memory games, rhymes and very easy songs (www.the-bus-stop.net - songs that you can listen to, directly from your computer, teacher īs notes and lyrics altogether).
Hope that wil help you. Good luck! Thumbs Up

27 Aug 2009     


Children from 3 to 6 love playing movement games, songs and stories.You īll need to change from one activity to another every 10 or 15 minutes  because they have a short attention

Some ideas

http://www.supersimplesongs.com/  The best songs for young learners
If need more help  send me an e mail

27 Aug 2009