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ESL forum > Ask for help > Suggested text/exercise books to use here in Spain????    

Suggested text/exercise books to use here in Spain????

Kris ´el guiri´

Suggested text/exercise books to use here in Spain????
Hi All,
I live here in the south of Spain and I am looking for a set of exercise / text books to use alongside my TEFL teaching.
The teaching here in the schools is VERY DRY and BORING and they ´re very much into their GRAMMAR!!!
They can ´t say it, they don ´t understand it when something is said to them, they nearly always say ´what verb tense is that ´ or ´is that present simple? ´ Basically they ´re hung up on it!!!!
They have become acustomed to having a WORK BOOK and for me to succeed I think I will have to comply and use them.
I like my handouts and the wonderful work available on here and want to keep using it.
The potencial drawback is they are going to cost me money and there are already so many books available and being used.
The major problem I am having is trying to find a set that covers all levels, that none of the schools or the language academies are using.
The other thing is I have just spent 2 hours searching on the net and I KEEP GOING AROUND IN CIRCLES!!!!!!!
Many thanx in advance
Chris (getting ready to go fishing in the Med for a few hours)

27 Aug 2009      


I know that Scholastic makes Alphatales and Grammar tales, but it ´s for very basic readers. Cute stories, though. I did find another type of grammar picture book, but I will find the title for you and PM it to you. Steck and Vaughn makes grammar workbooks from Levels A-H, called Grammar Exercises, and they are straightforward grammar exercises. You can order them online.  Also, try English Smart grades 1-8. I find the stories in these books one grtade level up, so if you have a grade 5 student, you may want to use the grade 4 book. I hope that helps.

27 Aug 2009     

United Kingdom

You also have the grammar series like:
Grammarway from 1-6 and
Grammartime from 1-5

27 Aug 2009     


Well, i highly recommend you to use the book: Interchange third edition. With this book you can practice all the skills. Reading comprehension, writing, listening, everything. It has student ´s book, workbook, the CD ´s and teacher ´s book.
I hope you find it useful.

27 Aug 2009     

Kris ´el guiri´

Hi All,
It ´s me AGAIN Wink
´Grammarway ´ is looking good at the moment Big smile, as is ´English in Mind ´ by Cambridge Press!LOL
I want a set of books to keep the parents happy, the students happy, (it ´s what they ´ve got used to here in Spain), and to reduce the planning / printing required for each lesson.
If I can find a decent book that has the core eliments of ENGLISH English in it I can bring it to life, so that the students understand fully the exercises.
I admit it, I ´m a bit of a ´show off ´, and as they say to teach, is like being on a stage! Ooooops, I used to be a DJ in pubs & clubs, Cruise Director on the ships, entertainer, entertainments manager here in Spain etc etc, so yeah I ´m bit of a show off! 
It makes lessons fun when the students are enjoying themselves as well as learning. Cool
Anymore suggestions are always appreciated, please please please if you think of anything let me know.
TTFN (ta ta for now, Jimmy Young, Radio 2 DJ, in the 70 ´s & 80 ´s) 
ps no fish left in the Med! Thumbs Down

27 Aug 2009