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Hi colleagues, it īs the second day that in the new contributions I noticed some ws with the same layout but uploaded by "different" persons (it ī s really hard to call it TEACHER). I īm sure that it īs the same person, always from China. Today īs nicknames are sabrina, heidi-liu, xenia xiao, lifeandpassion, rubyzcc. Her ws are downloaded by 2-3 of us, but I think that we should pay attention not to give her points. Thanks for your attention. Have a nice day/evening.

29 Aug 2009      

miss K.

Yesterday one of the teachers noticed the same and wrote a post here. She also mentioned same user names.

29 Aug 2009     


I didn īt notice it Unhappy ! Do you mind PM the links? Just out of curiosity!

I can īt find the worksheets with the same layout. Why does he/she do it in your opinion? Aren īt the points related to that particular work? Even if he/she gains one point here and two there she/he doesn īt gather 3 points in all! I don īt understand Confused. Ciao

29 Aug 2009     



In my opinion members try to upload wss with different profiles because if they become a premium member in all of them, they īll get more than 30 free downloads a day,  they īll get 60, 90 or more, depending on the number of "clones" they have here.

As Victor had stated, we are not allowed to have multiple accounts,  if you think someone is breaking this rule in order to cheat the system, PM Victor because he said he would remove the member īs profile in such cases.

I also noticed some members with 0 points and no work uploaded reporting ws without any reason -  maybe they have fun doing it. In fact I don īt know the purpose but it īs a waste of time for moderators who could be doing their work much better if they didn īt have to check the wss reported just for fun.

We have the right to report wss, and I think we should have a mechanism to report members as well. In the reporting page, for example, we found a member with hundreds of points and most of his wss were copies or uploaded more than once. We also noticed a member with an immoral avatar which doesn īt fit here since this isn īt a place for exhibitionists or provocative pictures.

I would also report some members who disrespect the site rules and other members, because this site is not only a place for uploading school materials. It īs also a place for teachers meeting and exchanging ideas on teaching and everyone here should act as a teacher - even the ones who may be anything in this world but teachers.

This is a wonderful teachers ī community and anyone who doesn īt understand what this profession is about should find anywhere else to play tricks, to be as rude as he wants to or to cheat as he does in his personal life.

Sorry, I got carried away, but I had to express my dissatisfaction with those few members acting like children and trying to turn the site into a mess.

Have a nice Sunday.

30 Aug 2009