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ESL forum > Ask for help > I need a good fiction book!    

I need a good fiction book!

United States

I need a good fiction book!
I working with the topic, Teens, advertising and consumerism with my 10th graders.
I īve got lots of worksheets but either need:

A good story (fiction) about teens and spending. Or perhaps kids feeling their not good enough because they don īt have enough money to be in the "in crowd".
Something like that.
A good film about this topic would be fine too.

It could also be a love story about two young people who come from different economical backgrounds.


1 Sep 2009      


Hmm... a good film might actually be "Camp Rock." - if they like that kind of stuff. Then there is the film "Mean Girls" or "The Breakfast Club"

A good book... hmm... that īs a hard one but I īve heard good things about:

Food, Girls, and Other Things I Can īt Have by Allen Zadoff


1 Sep 2009     

Miss Paulaey

Hi there!
A very funny film about this could be "Confessions of a shopaholic"(2009). It īs about a girl who has always dreamt about spending a lot of money in clothes and stuff so when she becomes a young woman she begins having problems with her credit cards and her job.
Take a look at the trailer in you tube.
I don īt know if this movie will work for 10th graders but perhaps you could use the part of her child memories and then your sts make predictions about what she will do when she grows up.
Good luck!

1 Sep 2009     

South Africa

There īs an old folk story from europe (i think) that many movies and animated films have been based on.  You ever heard of THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER?  What about Aladin - street boy falls in love with princess?  just a thought

1 Sep 2009     

United States

It doesn īt really work with finances much, but you could tie it into consumerism and advertising the movie: "Fat Like Me" is an excellent movie for sparking converstation with teens. I think there is a worksheet or two on it here at ESLprintables too.

1 Sep 2009     


Besides the films that have already been mentioned, I remembered CRAZY/BEAUTIFUL with Kirsten Dunst and Jay Hernandez. A Latino boy falls in love with a girl from the Palisades and their two cultures clash. Check it out!

1 Sep 2009     

United States

Great ideas!  will check them out!

1 Sep 2009     

Hong Kong

A GREAT movie about different economical backgrounds is Some Kind of Wonderful.  It is one of my favorite movies of all time.  How about Sabrina?

1 Sep 2009     


Hi libertybelle
Muriels Wedding touches on this theme.  It encompasses a universal īugly-duckling’ theme where someone who is treated poorly by their family and friends finds a new world where they fit.
You can watch and download a relevant clip here. If you use it you may want to mute some parts of it depending on age group and maturity level.

2 Sep 2009