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I need help with my EFA course


I need help with my EFA course

Hi again, I have already posted here today asking for your help but I īm doing it again because I really need more ideas. The member Nucha gave me a wonderful idea that I īm going to discuss with my entity however I want more, so feel free to write your suggestions about the following:

" I teach English to EFA courses (= English courses to adults) and one of those entities where I am teaching asked me to give ideas of activities that I can do with that group. For instance, places where we can for a study visit and things like that. But it must be related to the English course. The problem is that I don īt know where we can goErmm... Does anyone of my Portuguese colleagues can give me a suggestion? We are from the north near Braga. Is there any interesting place or even exhibitions that we can visit near here? I appreciate your suggestions.
And what other kind of activities can I do with them? We thought about an English Tea that it īll probably be made in November or December but I need more ideas... This isn īt easy, we īre talking about adults and we need to develop interesting and useful things with them, otherwise it won īt be a success...
Thanks a lot for your help and have a great day or night."
Greetings from Portugal

1 Sep 2009      


Try research projects: each adult or group picks up one of the traditional festivities, do a research and ellaborate on it; or choose a country (England; Canada; Usa; Ireland; etc) and work on their traditions; food; festivals and ... how about making an interesting book at the end - it could be a great fun :)

1 Sep 2009     


I think the English tea is a great idea, but you can "enlarge" the idea. I mean, use it as an inspiration for other things such as an English Breakfast. I donīt know where do you work, but maybe you can create something like a group to have breakfast just on saturdays, or sundays, or I donīt know. Or you can go out one saturday night as a normal group, but establish you can only speak english.
Another idea is to leave them to see a theatre play in English. There are companies and groups which do it.
You can also establish certain hours or times a week/month... to see a film in English.
(Maybe this is not a good idea, I know in many countries films are not subtitled as here in Spain).
I donīt know. They are just ideas.

1 Sep 2009     


ladybird you are a great teacher, your students enjoy your classes so much. Wonderful pics.
Greetings from Peru. That īs a TERRIFIC  idea to go out and speak in English. I am teaching teens now. Blessings

1 Sep 2009     

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

Ladybird Thumbs Up great pictures and wonderful idea! 

1 Sep 2009     


Congatulations dear Silke for your excellent work! This is indeed a fantastic idea. We īre always talking about context, teaching with realia, well, nothing could be more real and effective than this! This seems to be a very, very nice group and they look as if they were enjoying their lesson. This year I won īt have evening classes, but the next time I do I īll most certainly use your brilliant idea. 
Wish you all a good night.

2 Sep 2009     


 I like Silke īs idea too. I do it indoors. Everybody brings something to eat , usually something easy to serve and then we roleplay At a Restaurant. It is always fun! Is it absolutely necessary to do things out? because you can also have them indoors, creating situations such as a flea market for instance where they will have to bargain and where they will bring some small artifacts they might be willing to sell at a small price.
Show and tell is also a nice option. You can get them in groups and they show how to do something: a recipe, a craft, a game.  .. and then they would be able to share what they did or cooked!!
Projects are great too. One of my groups made a project on weddings around the world and it was really interesting. They had to do research, in groups, then present all the information  to the class, pictures were part of the project.
As for directions, you can have them see the shops around and then have them give directions to their friends.
I also bring toilet paper and īhave ī them have accidents , wrapping diferent parts of their bodies such as broken leg, a black eye, sprained ankle, etc and others will be doctors who have paper stethoscope and will diagnose their patients problems and prescribe medicine.
Hope it helps!

2 Sep 2009