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ESL forum > Message board > Sep 22, the World-Wide Day Without Car    

Sep 22, the World-Wide Day Without Car


Sep 22, the World-Wide Day Without Car
Hello everyone !!
Today, Sep 22, it is the World-wide Day without Car, a movement that invites everyone to reflect and to change some habits that affect the quality of life in the cities and the balance of the planet.

It was created in France in 1998, and nowadays most part of the countries have adopted it. In my city, known by the Brazilian Capital of cars (1 car for 1,67 inhabitants!!!!) some streets will be blocked, and there will be a lot of activities related to how to improve our quality of life.
Well, if your country (or city) hasn �t adopet it yet, you can start by telling your students and giving the example ...
Leave the car in the garage and try to walk, bike or take the bus to school ... The planet will thank you !!

22 Sep 2009      


Wowwwwwwww, Sara!!! This is the first time I hear of such a thing. Surely, I will tell my students about it. However, the big problem has to do with the grown -ups here. Would they abandon their cars for just one day. I wonder.
So interesting!!

22 Sep 2009     

manonski (f)

In Montreal, it is forbidden today to drive your car downtown. 

22 Sep 2009     


I have even a better idea. How about forcing the government(s) to release free-energy technology that it/they have been holding back for over 50 years? I think that it is better than restraining people from their deserved conveniences. It �s funny how we always tend to put the burden on the people, when it �s the corporate-elite along with their gov �t yes-men/women lackeys that are responsible. 

6 Oct 2009