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ESL forum > Ask for help > Literature or short stories for young adults (18/19 years old)?    

Literature or short stories for young adults (18/19 years old)?


Literature or short stories for young adults (18/19 years old)?
Hello everybody!
This year I teach an A-level/Matura class.for the very first time and it is only my second year of teaching in school.
One of the first and main topics in their book is literature. Some of the things really seem to be boring...even for me, so I wanted to ask for your help:
does anyone know good an interesting short stories for young adults
or how do you deal with "the craft of fiction" in your class?
I have no idea what this class did 2 and 3 years ago (I only have their last year īs material) and I really want that they pass their last year of school, but I also want that they have fun reading.
I would be glad for your advice concerning reading and A-levels.
Thank you very much indeed!
simplifyyourteaching :)

24 Sep 2009      

Carla Horne
United States

Hi Simplifyyourteaching,
     I love short stories, especially Ray Bradbury īs works. "There Will Come Soft Rains," "The Pedestrian," "and "A Sound of Thunder" are really good. My students range from 14 to 19 years of age, and they seem to really enjoy these. Some books are just too long unless you can find graphic novels of them or adapted versions. Doverpublishing has a good adapted version of War of the Worlds.
I have also found adapted versions of Edgar Allan Poe īs stories and O. Henry īs works.
I hope this helps. Send me a pm if you want to know more.

24 Sep 2009     


Thank you, Carla! I will have a look on Bradbury īs stories. I do not know them.




24 Sep 2009