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Please... I need help....


Please... I need help....

Hi, Im teaching an intermediate level and were learning the perfect tense, however my students dont know the verbs in past participle. They know they have to learn them otherwise the will fail the test, but just 3 of them care. I decided that they were going to present a verb exam every class (we have class once a week of three hours) but Im tired of exams because they actually dont care about that. I need ideas to make this interesting for them. I dont want them to fail. What can I do????

24 Sep 2009      


In this case i would just let them use the list with the irregular verbs. Using the verbs over and over again will make them learn them by heart, in time. 

24 Sep 2009     


You can use in the test only the verbs you have exercised with them in the class, that should make it a bit easier as well.

Make several different types of tasks in the test:

a) fill in with the Past Participle

b) choose the correct form of the Past Participle

c) transform the verbs into Perfect


in that way, they ll have more chances to get something right in the test.


Good luck.



24 Sep 2009     


I often play games with my students about irregular verbs. Competition often make the stud more interesting. Try to prepare cards, on each card there will be the infinitive of one of the verbs, each student can "Pass" or "Answer"
If he/she pass he has to decide to who make the answer. If he/she answer right he has a point. If the answer is wrong hthere is one point less. Attention. They can pass just once.

24 Sep 2009     


Hi teacher,
Have you considered working with songs? It would be interesting, they are always useful no matter the age. If your students are teenagers, they would enjoy working with "Somewhere I belong" by Linkin Park; however, if they are young adult students, you can use "I still haven t found what I m looking for" by U2.... These songs are popular among students depending on their age. I hope you succeed... Greetings from Pachuca Smile

24 Sep 2009     


First you should know what they love and care for ... find out ...it can be a  game or any activity and then you motivate them offering to do that after they accomplish the "boring" task successfully. Raise their self esteem by giving them smaller tasks first - everybody wants to be successful and once they realize they can do it it should be better.
Music is great idea... gugaelt is right... and be patient and persistent...

good luck Thumbs Up

24 Sep 2009     


I would try with games (as Copa said):  board games, battleships , wordsearches, crosswords, songs they like, ...  They wont study? It happens . They would do without realizing it  ( as Bare suggested).


25 Sep 2009