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Hi everyone. I teach young learners with a low level of English at present and I want them to listen and try to speak English a little bit. The problem is that I have been looking for listening activities on the web lately and I haven īt found anything appropriate for my students, I find everything very difficult for them, so I have thought that we could probably invent them. I think that it would be a good idea to invent short texts (12-15 lines) and if any native speaker wants to collaborate, he or she could read the text aloud recording his or her voice. Finally, some questions about the text could be proposed and add the transcript at the end so that students check what they have listened to before. I don īt know if I have explained myself properly... I hope that you understand what I mean and you like the idea.
Thanks in advance,

24 Sep 2009      


That īs really useful ladybird, but I īm afraid that you must have a webpage or a blog and I don īt have any. Thank you anyway.

24 Sep 2009     


I have a group of your learners that don īt speak English at all.  I have lots of memory games and I have downloaded from boggles world cards with pictures and what they are doing.  Example:  whistle. 
Then I have them play "Go Fish"  with the cards.  They have to say Can you whistle?  If the person has a card, they have to say, Yes, I can.  If not NO, I can īt, which means Go Fish.
All the time I have them talking, even if they are not really sure what they are saying.  But slowly they learn vocabulary and what they are saying.
It is great to see the light in their eyes when they get it.
Hugfrom Israel

24 Sep 2009     


Thanks for your suggestion, Judy. And thanks again to ladybird, I will try it.

25 Sep 2009