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ESL forum > Ask for help > FCE practice - fill in book??    

FCE practice - fill in book??

Czech Republic

FCE practice - fill in book??
Would you be so kind and recommend me a book for FCE student?
She is going to take the exam next December, but her level is pre-intermediate to intermediate... :-(
Is there any special grammar / vocabulary book with gap fills you like to use at school? I would need a book with key as she would study on her own a lot...
Please recommend what YOU use with your FCE students.

25 Sep 2009      


 I use "Think First Certificate"

25 Sep 2009     


I like Mission FCE, or Wishes (which has the 2008 changes)
I know there is a new one too... Complete First Certificate
Good luck!

25 Sep 2009     


I have used Objective FCE in the past.  It is published by Cambridge University Press and connected to Cambridge Exams who set the test.  So it is very specific in teaching to the test.  If you like that approach then it is ideal if not you may find it a little restricting. 
In China it is absolutely necessary, in my opinion, to teach to the test with FCE because the question types and skill set required are completely different to Chinese high school English courses.  You need to consider whether the same is true in your country when choosing a text book.
On the plus side it is colourful, has an interesting range of topics, is up to date with the latest revisions to the test and has a useful teacher īs book, work book, DVDs etc to accompany it.    On the down side it assumes a level of general knowledge, awareness of western culture, ability to have and express opinions and life experience which few Chinese students, even in universities, actually have.  More important from my point of view was the fact that it is one of the very few western FCE books allowed by the Chinese censors.
I have also used Objective PET which precedes the FCE book and Objective IELTS which follows it and they do make a logical progression for students who are in a long term programme.
On a slightly different note how many people in this site are teaching PET and FCE?  I have some self created work sheets for these tests but I haven īt posted them yet because very few schools in China prepare students for these tests.  However if there is demand in other countries then I am happy to share what I īve got.

25 Sep 2009     

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

Riley1.5, thank you for a very detailed post. I ahve prepared students for KET PET and FCE and our school has already ordered FCE Objective as the book to be used when preparing for FCE. I havenÂīt worked with it yet but will start soon.
ALso can recommend using lots of practise tests, try FCE Practice TEsts PLUS 1 and PLUS 2 . Very useful.

25 Sep 2009     


I have used this site for my practice yrs ago & i got ABig smile in the FCE it īs absolutely a wonderful useful site:
Take Care

25 Sep 2009     


I have used "Knockout" & "expert FCE"
I like knockout best

25 Sep 2009     

Czech Republic

Thanks to you all!

26 Sep 2009