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Help for student needed

United States

Help for student needed
Hello everyone- Happy Fall...
I have an adult student from Poland, who was a nurse in his country. He has asked me for help in assisting him with finding out information on how he can get his licensing here in the US, and finding a job. Does anyone know to start?
Thanks in advance,

25 Sep 2009      


The US has VERY strict laws about employing foreigners. I īd say to contact the Polish Employment office about working abroad. They know all that īs required to go there. And as a student the same thing, you will need a student or a work Visa to go there. I am going to assume that you will have to show intention to study there or a job offer...

And to see about his licensing there I believe it depends on each State... So basically, you would need to know where you were going and then contact then nursing association in that State.

25 Sep 2009     


You know there are licenses for everything. She/he must go to the office that regulates and controls health in the state and ask for lecensure information.
I think she īll need to take a test and do an internship. But each state has diffrent requirements.

25 Sep 2009     

United States

Thanks much for the input!

25 Sep 2009