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ESL forum > Ask for help > Has that ever happened to you?    

Has that ever happened to you?

United Kingdom

Has that ever happened to you?
Has that ever happened to you?
Hi everyone,
Have you ever found yourself as a teacher in a classroom, calling on your positional authority when you would have preferred not to? what led to it? what forces encouraged the situation to turn out like this??? 
A question that arises in an educational workshop I attended ,and the lecturer wants several teacher īs experiences on that issue.. It once happened to me ( frankly, I don īt regret it know Wink) but I īm willing to know some of yours in order to write a report...

Thanks in advance for you help

Have a great day

26 Sep 2009      


Dear Omarali,
I remember something that happened to me about 20 days ago...  One of my students was apparently having a bad hair day (lol) and she engaged in a silly discussion concerning a rather unimportant vocabulary topic.  I explained to her why two particular words did not collocate in English though they do in Spanish, but she would not listen to me!  She kept on insisting she was right and it seemed she would never stop.  The rest of the students asked her to cut it out, since my explanation was Ok and her point of view did not hold water, but she wouldn īt listen to them either.  Precious time was getting lost, so I had to take the bull by the horns and said the issue was over, that I was the teacher and she was the student and I knew what I was talking about -whether she liked it or not-  and that I had to move on because her mates were waiting for the rest of the class.  She said a few nasty things to me, so I simply told her to shut up because I was in charge of the class and I would not allow for such rudeness.  I had to report her behaviour later, but the whole affair was a nightmare, I īm not used to acting that way, and that particular group of students is really nice, except for that girl (who has problems with all the teachers, by the way).
Hope this is what you need for your report.

26 Sep 2009     

United Kingdom

Hi Omarali,
I had a situation in a class a while back.... We were doing some pair work and I asked a girl to pair with a boy and the girl refused to work with the boy. So naturally I didn īt want to make a big deal of it but I could see that the boy was upset and seemed embarrassed by the girl īs refusal. The students are all teenagers and I asked this particular girl to pair with the boy because - 1 -she always sits with another girl and both have a good command of the language so when there is a pair work they like to be together and show off a bit  and giggle at the mistake of the others 2- I have  also had a feedback from their previous teacher that these same girls intimidate the other students, that they are inseparable and especially the girl who refused to pair with the boy is accoustmed to finding faults/errors to discredit teachers who are usually from the local area .......She knew I wasn īt local so I guess she was trying to test the water in a way and see how I would react.....At her refusal I thought better think quick ...I calmly insisted on this occasion she needs to pair with the boy .....well the pair work was finished but I can see she was sulking but I didn īt give her attention which was what she wanted. After class I asked her to stay behind and spoke to her seriously that this kind of situation will not be tolerated ..and that I have my reason for pairing students so it benefits all the participants. The next day I changed the seating arrangements. I think this established without much discussion that I am the teacher and they are the students. So after four months being with them I can report that the girl who had refused to work with the boy has become now best friends........Hope this helps.
Best Wishes

26 Sep 2009