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ESL forum > Ask for help > IN or AT doubt    

IN or AT doubt


IN or AT doubt
Hi guys!
Is there any difference between I work in (company x) and I work at (company x)?
I used to teach I work for but after reading some texts Im not sure now.
Are all of them right?
THanks in advance!

27 Sep 2009      


Most people here say "I work at ..." but "work for" is also very used. I´ve never heard "I work in"


27 Sep 2009     


I would think that for suggests that the speaker is thinking of the company that employs him/her, while at suggests that the speaker may be thinking of the office or location as he speaks; but   I am an employee of Pepsi also conveys the same.   In would  probably be used as a type of establishment I work in a factory.

27 Sep 2009     


I would say I work for, but not I work in or at a company. Check in this link http://www.collins.co.uk/Corpus/CorpusSearch.aspx. It s the Collins Concordance Collocation sample. You just have to type your query like this: work+at+a+company or work+for+a+company or work+in+a+company. Here you will find all the collocations usually and mostly used by native speakers of the language. good luck!  

27 Sep 2009     

South Africa

"I work in...", to me means that you re working in the particular office building, but not necessarily for the company or employed by the company. "I work at..." has similar connotations for me. I d use "I work for..." if I m talking about the company that employs me.

As an example, I work for myself, but I work in at least two schools and often work at some large corporations where I teach business students.

27 Sep 2009     


THanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very clear answers and thanks for the great link :)
Have a great weekend!!!

27 Sep 2009     

United States

The only time I would say "I work in" is when I m talking about a department. I could say "I work in the language department" or "I work in electronics" but when you use a company name you would say "I work for"

1 Oct 2009     


I think both in  or at can work well .

1 Oct 2009