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Baby V

Dear Friends from eslprintables,
Do we have a word in English for those "risks" people do on buildings and public places? What I mean is: In Brazil we call graffitti the words involving drawings showing the suburban life and "pichação" the one which aim is just destruction. I ´m going to talk about this theme with  my students and I would like to know if in English there is such a difference or they call both graffitti.
Baby V

27 Sep 2009      


Do you mean ´vandalism ´?

27 Sep 2009     


unfortunately, it ´s also called grafitti

27 Sep 2009     



We use the word graffitti and the difference between art and graffitti is that art is done on property with the permission of the property owner. Art is a creative and productive form of expression.  Graffitti is a crime.

Graffitti is writing, drawing, or symbols applied to any surface without the permission of the property owner.

To create graffitti, vandals use a variety of materials, such as automotive car paint, spray paint, crayons and permanent ink. Etching surfaces is another way vandals destroy property.  I think graffitti started in New York around the 1970´s.

27 Sep 2009     

South Africa

"Pichação" is graffiti. Giovanni explains it all very well. There is graffiti in the form of vandalism and the art form of graffiti. We have some places here in São Paulo where the graffiti artists are given permission to paint and some of the art is quite good.

Of course, there are the graffiti painters who think it ´s fun to hang from the tops of buildings to write. They ´re just called crazy :)

27 Sep 2009