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crossword maker needed


crossword maker needed
 I īm trying to find a free crossword maker. Tools for educators ī doesn īt work and for the rest, I have to pay or they don īt have a "save in PDF" option. Any ideas?

27 Sep 2009      

manonski (f)


I usually use this site for all my puzzles: http://puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com/e
I don īt think you can save in PDF but once I have the crossword, I copy and paste it in a word document that I can later save in PDF.

27 Sep 2009     


I use EclipseCrossword. You can download it here:


Best regards,

27 Sep 2009     



I have downloaded  the one Princesss mentions
, last night... {eclipsecrossword}. That one is free but you have to download it to your pc. I haven īt tried it yet, could any of the members who use this site tell me how you make the crosswords.
Let me explain: I was trying to make a crossword with vocabulary (pictures for students to write the right word) but I saw that the program opens a window where you have to type the word and the definition. What happens or how do you do it..if you don īt have the definitions but the pictures? ..
Sam Hug

27 Sep 2009     


Thank you!

27 Sep 2009