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Halloween Games


Halloween Games
Hi all!!! I am trying to organize a Party for my preschool students. I have come to the conclusion that with 30-40 little people I might need some organizations within our small space.Thumbs Up I came up with the idea of having stations where groups of 5-10 go to a station to play a game or to have something creative. I don ´t really know where to go from there!!Ermm :) I am stuck!! Stern Smile
Stern Smile
I would like to avoid a catastrophe and have the is 2hr event run smoothly. WackoAny advice on having a halloween party for such young people?? I also need ideas if possible for the stations. So far I am thinking for one stations face painting might be fun. Clown However, because of my childrens ages and maturity level I am limited when it comes to the games or activities within each station. Please help!!!!

In my mind I am invisioning an open house style event with a halloween feel. All advice is welcomedWink

27 Sep 2009      


We have come up with this as well. We are going to have a fun club for our students who are around 15 to 18. We will have a costume competition for 25 models from 25 groups and a designing test for lanterns. apart from this we also have some easy questions and tongue twister game with funny songs included.

Wish you have a good time with your students


27 Sep 2009     


Dear ..........?
Maybe it ´s an idea to decorate slices of cake? Your pupils could form a Halloween face on the slice (eyes, nose, mouth, hair) with sweeties and raisins or vegetables as carrot, apple, paprika etc. Hair could be made of liquorice (if you know this sweet in Japan). All stuf could be sticked or glued together by means of sweet frosting.
Here in Holland we have little, coloured chocolate rounds. They are very tasty and often used for such activities.
Hoping being helpful to you.
Lots of success and pleasure!!
Best wishes from Holland!
(Perhaps you will be able to answer me when this is a useful hint?)
Ans Kwak

27 Sep 2009     


You can play "Put the tail on the donkey" addapting the idea .For example:"Put the teeth on the vampire"
You can also play  "Mummies race" with some toilet paper children have to disguise a boy as a mummy in pairs.
Some horrible food
A good story, of course... Julia Donaldson "Room on the broom"
and an easy art kraft

27 Sep 2009     


Ohh!! Those are all wonderful ideasWink Londonthanhhoa I agree that a tongue twister game would be enjoyable. Borisje I think the students would love decorating their own cakes or cupcakes.  Poleta I love everything!! I think that the story time, the treat, the donkey games are genius. I think that will be a great addition to the party.

Please continue posting!! I appreciate all the help Clap

27 Sep 2009     

Mariethe House

super site Sylvie! Thanks for mentionning it over and aver again ´coz I keep forgetting it! Old crone I am!!LOL  btw: hope you ´re better.

27 Sep 2009