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ESL forum > Ask for help > I can´t download my word files    

I can´t download my word files


I can´t download my word files
Iīm a new member and I want to eaen points but I canīt download my word files. What am I doing wrong? Why canīt I download files?

2 Nov 2008      


Hi! Iīve also had some difficulty in uploading my worksheets today! But after trying several times, I did it! Are you doing the right procedures - send printable, search and send?

2 Nov 2008     


maybe your files are very big... i mean, try to send small size files or separate your worksheets in different files... by the way, welcome to Esl printables...

2 Nov 2008     


Hi! Iīm a new user and a brand new teacher! I need your help and your web page to make my classes interesting and to get the ideas how I can make my own worksheets!

For new teacher it should be any help! I donīt have my worksheet yet! Thatīs why Iīm here! 

I understand perfectly itīs an exchange, but as I said before, the YOUNGER TEACHERS NEEDS HELP!

2 Nov 2008     

marcia chaves

What can I do for you? Tell me your doubts and Iīll try to help you.
My worksheets arenīt as perfect as the ones we can find here, but Iīm trying to get better and better.

2 Nov 2008     


Now Iīve got problems with the uploading too! I havenīt been able to upload anything for 2 days, and it makes me sad(I know itīs not so important but, anyway...). Well, have other users got problems too? I read that only 2 of us couldnīt send our printables...

By the way, I think I always write a short comment when I download!Wink

2 Nov 2008     


After about 20 tries, Iīva finally managed to upload one file... (and of course itīs past midnight!). Is there anything wrong with my computer?

3 Nov 2008     

Hong Kong

I have also got a problem uploading my worksheets!  I have tried at least twenty times with many different word files but they just couldnīt be I uploaded.  I have followed the exact procedures but the message below kept coming up:

Persits.Jpeg.1 error ī800a0002ī

The system cannot find the file specified.

/send_printables/sendprintableswait.asp, line 114

I have, however, successfully uploaded two of my powerpoint files.  I think may be itīs the websiteīs problem, not ours!

3 Nov 2008     


Thanks for your reply, momocandy. I can see that several people are having a hard time uploading files, and by the way, the same message as yours keeps coming up. Letīs see if thereīs some improvement today.

3 Nov 2008