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Help on the first day?


Help on the first day?
Hi my friends...
Can you give me  some ideas and suggestions for the first day at school like games,role plays.... etc for me to introduce the girls to each other.I have this idea that I can put a coloured dot on each girl shoulder and then look for gils who have the same colour and introduce themselves to .What do you think ?  

28 Sep 2009      


Hi! Mysweetself, look on the internet for the Icebreake ideas or warm up. I will suggest you and activity choose different kinds of animals (the number of animal will depend if you want to make the activities in pairs or bigger groups), make small pieces of paper and write down the name of the animal. The main thing is that you have to put them in pairs and what they have to do is in order to find who is their pair they will make the sound and movements of each animal. When the find their partner they will ask each other questions about them, so they can get to know themselves.
Hopefully I was clear and you can make this activity that is also fun. If you have doubts go online and look for Ice break activities esl.
Good luck!!

28 Sep 2009     


Thanks alot addy

28 Sep 2009     


Hello! This year, what I did to introduce students to each other was the following:

I blown up balloons of different colours and put sheets of paper with the names of the pupils in each balloon. Pupils had to come to the front, pop up a balloon (they could do it with a needle, a pin, or either with their bottoms so as to make the game funnier) and call out the name on the paper. That person would come front, say hello and continue the game.

It īs a bit time consuming because you have to know all the students ī names in advance, make the cards with the names, get the balloons, but kids love it!!!
I hope you enjoy it!!!

28 Sep 2009     


Follow this link and you īll find great ideas for the first day!

29 Sep 2009