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Origami activities ...
Hello teachers,

I have two questions...

1)  Do the "Online Exercises" give you points? I īm just curious because someone said thank you for my wk  and he/she only has online exercises.. I thought we can īt download from the site with 0 points....

2) I īve been looking for activities to do with a group of students using origami. I haven īt found anything interesting enough YEt.. on the net.. so I thought about asking you if you have any ideas, suggestions of games and ESL activities using origami..

Thank you very much!!


1 Oct 2009      

United Kingdom




1 Oct 2009     

El Salvador

It does... In fact it is easier to get points with OE than with WS. :p There is even a ranking... take a look at it :p 

1 Oct 2009     


Hi Monica,
Thank you for your answer... I understand now, I īve been exploring the way to make worksheets since I registered... and I have not tried OE or PPTs.. yet.. I guess I īm a little slow!..:)

I need to explore that area.

Aftab, thanks for the links..very kind of you...

1 Oct 2009     


I had a grade 9 pupil teach the class how make a lotus flower.  He had to give the directions in English.  It was a great idea for an end of the day class when it was literally impossible to try to actually teach them anything. 

1 Oct 2009