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Choosing a short course for adults


Choosing a short course for adults
Hello to all you creative teachers,
I have lots of experience working with kids and young adults, less with adults.
I have to find a course book to teach elementary english to teachers(not english teachers). Can anyone recommend a good, short course (possibly task-based)??
I īm presently considering English File -oxford  or expressions-david nunan
Thanks in advance if anyone has time and experience xxxx 

1 Oct 2009      


Face2face (CUP) is a good book for adults.

1 Oct 2009     

marta v


I have found Lifelines (Tom Hutchinson, OUP) series really useful and practical! It includes basic grammar with a relaxed pace and everyday situations (checking into hotel, at a restaurant etc). There īs another good topical book with no grammar at all - Vocabulary Organiser (100 topics to study), (Publisher: Thompson Publishing). Every topic is well developed through context and provides lots of expressions, spread over two pages each (topic).

Hope it helps!

1 Oct 2009     

Kate (kkcat)
Russian Federation

English File is great but it īs best to use it for about 4-5months and get additional materials (4 months, 3 times a week, 90 mins each class). If you need a super short course (1 month - depending on how many days a week you are planning to have classes with them, so 1 month, 5 times a week), so for a super short course you may have a look at īLanguage to go ī. Good luck and be sure, teaching adults is also very interesting !  P.S. you have a  funny avatar Thumbs Up LOL

1 Oct 2009     


For false begginers you can use English for life of Oxford. It īs very dinamic and easy to use.

1 Oct 2009     

Costa Rica

Hi! I teach retired teachers (ages from 65 to 82 years old).  I work sometimes with the New Interchange, Cambridge, and it īs very useful and helpful, also with some additional material from internet, other books, like word by word, and the excellent ws and ppt. from this site.

1 Oct 2009