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ESL forum > Teaching material > Please!!!! Monster stories needed!!!    

Please!!!! Monster stories needed!!!


Please!!!! Monster stories needed!!!
There are soooo many things on line and I couldn īt find anything good for my students!!!
I need a very very simple monster story with a body description or sth like that...do you have any? May be from a Student īs book...I īve been looking for it for a long time and nothing appears :(((
I īll have to make one on my own...

3 Oct 2009      

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Mishuna

just answering because I feel sad no one answers. I have nothing to share. You know there is a problem, a virus, may be some people can īt get in touch.
Now, about what you need! I don īt know exactly what your aims are, but a story, a monster, physical description, all together in a one, I don īt have.
I usually have that kind of subject, when I have physical description and one of the activities I usually have is what I call ( probably everyone calls it the same ) " A PICASSO DICTATION ", that is they have to draw a monster, following what I describe, for instance: He has three big, square heads and one small eye in the middle " ... something like this.
May be you can begin with something like this and, as Halloween is showing up round the corner , have the kids to imagine a story with that monster. ( very difficult, isn īt it ? )
Sorry, Mishuna, no more ideas,and believe me, no material I can send you privately.
So sorry

3 Oct 2009     


Hi Mishuna! I just did a quick search on the site of the word "monster" and saw lots of nice stuff you might be able to use....did you give that a try?
Good luck!!

3 Oct 2009     

United Kingdom

Not a story with monsters but interesting.

3 Oct 2009     


Thanks a lot for the ideas...the thing is that I was asked for my teacher to make a storytelling on my practices and I can īt find a simple story.
Olindalima, thanks for replying hahha, don īt feel sad because a lot of people has sent me a PM to help me and they were really useful...
I īm still searching though in order to find the best story for this group.

3 Oct 2009     


I don īt know if this worksheet will be useful for you. Anyway, have a look at


3 Oct 2009     


Check out this http://www.ambafrance-ma.org/efmaroc/malraux/ecole/zaers/zaerscom2/avosplumes/avosplumes50.html
The story is called "Billy and the monster". It is from an Oxford book, but I don īt remember which, I think it is I spy. The book has a colouring version of the book for children, flashcards for the teachers to tell the story and the audio.
I used it some years ago and my students loved it.
Hope you like it!

4 Oct 2009     


Hi Cyn, it īs excellent!!! That īs what I was looking for.
Another teacher has sent me an email with a story called "Where īs my baby monster?" and it īs very very funny...so now I have two stories for my students...they will love them.
Thank you so much to all of you because I could get a lot of material and new sites to bookmark!!

4 Oct 2009     


this link takes you to a great educational story called" not now Bernard"we use it in Israel.
check it out! Adva.Hug

4 Oct 2009