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Just a reminder


Just a reminder
When you post a ws or pp, please scan for grammatical/typo/graphical errors, before doing so. I am not sure if your in a rush to post it or not, but it would save embarrassment and frustration if it is 100%. If you do see errors, please report it to the creator ASAP, so he/she can rectify the issue before everyone dls it. I ´ve notice that some ws are also difficult to edit, especially when there is no ´ungroup ´ option. I would suggest when making a ws, make it easier to edit, so if there are errors, they can be rectified. Thank you!

6 Oct 2009      

manonski (f)

Mistakes happen, nobody is perfect and not everyone has the same level of English. I ´ve uploaded printables that I had scanned many times and noticed weeks later that they had a spelling mistake or that I had forgotten something. If you see a mistake that you can ´t edit, get in contact with the author. I ´m pretty sure he/she will send you an edited copy.
You also have the option of scanning the sheet yourself before downloading it.

6 Oct 2009     

alien boy

It ´s also a good reason to add a comment on the download page... not just a ´thank you ´ but also some feedback!


6 Oct 2009     


If the feedback is suggestions for corrections,  I think a PM would be better inorder not to embarrass the person.

6 Oct 2009