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EFA courses


EFA courses
Hello, everyone!Smile
I ve just started an Efa course and I fond out my adult students didn t know anything at all!
!The majority of them(90%) don t actually  have a clue about English!
So, I m asking for your kind help.If could give me some hints, it would be great!
Thanks in advance!

8 Oct 2009      


Hi! Take a look at the site 4shared.com. You can download a great book for teaching adults -  New Headway. Last year I also had EFA and that book was very helpfull.
Good Luck

8 Oct 2009     


Well I teach EFA courses too. Don t worry too much with that. U just need to teach them all the elementray stuff because the majority of them never had English in their life. In  the first classes we talk about anglicisms, the alphabet, greetings and fareweel, personal identification, ... and so on, simple things to students that never spoke a word in English.


8 Oct 2009     


P.S Susana gave u an excellent tip. I have that book too and it s useful

8 Oct 2009     


I always ask them if any of them knows wnglish. They answer right away " Nothing at all". Then you ask them where do they go on Sunday afternoon - they go to the shopping - an english word- Then you ask them how can they not know english if they don t speak it every day. Talk about ice tea, walkman, cd, cheeseburger, sunday, play, pause, reset, dvd, basketball, football, handball, search in the internet for other words they really get a huge surprise and i really motivates them. They become much more self confident.
Bye have nice lessons. By the way- from which city of Portugal are you? I m from S.Joo da Madeira.

9 Oct 2009