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Test generator


Test generator
Im asking your help because I m looking for a "test generator".
I googled  these words but I couldn t find what I m looking for.
The classes  where I teach are small and full of students.
Students would copy everything if I give them the same test, so I need to prepare at least two tests (very similar) and mix the exercises, and  sentences randomly.
If I don t find  a generator I ll do it myself , even if it takes a lot of time.
If you know a site where it could be possible to do that  in a fast way... please tell me!
Ps: I mean written tests.

13 Oct 2009      


I don t know if this is exactly what you re looking for, but maybe you want to try the sites below:




They are full of resources and really time-savers!

Have a nice day!

13 Oct 2009     


Thanks Zailda!

13 Oct 2009     


This is a simple cloze test generator http://l.georges.online.fr/tools/cloze.html
If you don t want a very complicated test, this tool is ok!

13 Oct 2009     


I have the same problem: small classrooms and many students per class!! I m curious about the other countries: how many students per class are there in your country at the secondary school (age 14-19) ? To be more precise: I have groups of 33 (aged 14-15), 28 (aged 15-16), 20-22 in the other classes (aged 16-17, 17-18 and 18-19). And I have the same problem as Lancillotta: I must prepare at least 2, sometimes 3 similar tests each time!! 

13 Oct 2009