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Sleepless in Hanoi


Sleepless in Hanoi
Hi, I am retired now as an RN and have been living here in Viet Nam since the 80 s and decided to get my TESL certificate and teach some classes. It has been quite interesting with some frustrating and rewarding experiences. I have a class of 35 -  7 to 11 year old´s - in a government school who have a wide range of English language experience (or lack there of). The class lasts for two hours hitting right around dinner time and there are times I wish I could not speak Vietnamese. The kids are tired from a long day at school and above all else they are hungry! I have taught it for some weeks though and despite the fact I could make more money and save myself the hassle of dodging traffic that wasn´t the point of wanting to try this and  I feel totally committed to these children because the school has had a very difficult time finding or keeping a ´native speaker´. I have not found a better resource for materials and printouts that I need then right here but I have the worlds worst internet connection and limited computer time. I am struggling to figure out how to get some points and longing to have better materials to teach my class. How do people overcome a lack of computer design skills and limited internet time to come up with these amazing worksheets? This site is the one I spend the most time on if I can get online despite having subscribed and paid for two other places. This is absolutely the best but I still do not have a clue how I am ever going to be able to print something! words of encouragement that I will survive my large class and hints as to how I can possibly create something to earn points appreciated. My best to this extremely creative and supportive group. Cher in Viet Nam 

14 Oct 2009      


Check your message box, I sent you a pm. Smile

14 Oct 2009